Relief for Flood Victims

In the second week of August, Nepal was hit with three days of continuous rainfall. The situation quickly became critical as the rain led to flash floods and landslides. The most heavily affected area was the southeastern region of Nepal known as the Terai. Over ten feet of flooding destroyed homes, household items and devastated […]

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Shree Gurung Gaun Elementary School

In March 2017, NFN received a proposal from Naren Gurung to support a school in Ilam located in the far eastern region of Nepal. The Shree Gurung Gaun Elementary School is a government school that was almost forced to shut down a few years ago due to lack of enrollment. As a graduate from the […]

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Mandali Primary School Project

On December 6th 2016, we were introduced to Sarah Dickson and Balan RPS who were in search of a team to re-build a school in Gorkha. Earlier that year, they had visited Baluwa village in Gorkha and witnessed the deplorable condition that the Mandali School was reduced to after the 2015 earthquake. Students were forced […]

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