NFN Custom-Designed Hand-Press Machine

Our NFN team has decided to invest in our very own hand-press block machine. Although we would love to support Nepali factories, the quality of their machines is simply not refined enough. One NFN member was able to conduct some research on interlocking block machines in Thailand where this technology is very popular. He visited K. Thai Metal Service where he was able to press his very own block!

After watching the video footage and observing the high-quality mechanics, we designed our own version:

The mold dais (inner part and press in purple) should be of the highest quality – made from high-grade, high-yield steel that is light and strong. The best option for us is to import the dais from India and purchase the other parts from Nepal at a lower quality. This way we will be able to assemble a machine made specifically to our needs and at a much lower price than a factory-made piece (over $2.5K).

This leads us to our next phase: RESEARCH
We are eager to begin this phase but we will need funds to build our prototype. These funds, tagged for research, will cover the cost for a trip to India, trial construction, one sample dais and raw material. We are asking for $6,000 to complete these tasks.

Note: Our team has unanimously agreed to forgo salaries until we reach the 1 year anniversary of the earthquake.

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