Relief for Flood Victims

In the second week of August, Nepal was hit with three days of continuous rainfall. The situation quickly became critical as the rain led to flash floods and landslides. The most heavily affected area was the southeastern region of Nepal known as the Terai. Over ten feet of flooding destroyed homes, household items and devastated crop fields. Terai is the breadbasket of Nepal, producing the majority of rice and corn for the entire country. In addition to the immediate casualties which has reached 120 people, this natural disaster has serious long-term implications for the economic stability of Nepal.

On Sunday August 27th, 2017 NFN’s Director and Coordinator traveled to Sarlahi District with two volunteers Nia (UK) and Chandima (Sri Lanka) who donated 65kg of clothes for flood victims. Together with 10kg of clothes donated by Kathmandu resident Bimala, NFN decided to travel to Sarlahi with our two volunteers to handover the 75kg of clothes. In coordination with local youth leader Puskar, our team chose to focus on Bathane village in Bagmati Bazaar. The village has around 200 families with 30 living in extreme poverty.

Our team arrived on Sunday and directly visited Bathane. Although almost two weeks had past since the flooding, the water damage was clearly visible in the houses of the locals. The bamboo and mud walled homes were either damaged or completely destroyed. Puskar led us through the village to look at the homes and interact with villagers. Many relayed their stories, sleeping in the rafters of their homes for days on top of whatever food and household items they could salvage. Their mud floors were still wet when we visited.

In preparation for the clothes distribution NFN’s volunteers and Coordinator prepared family packages of clothing items for men, women, children and infants. Puskar had prepared a list of the 30 most impoverished families from his village and we handed each family representative their clothing pack. Of course everyone was not able to receive clothing from us and NFN intends to revisit the village with long-term aid in the near future.

THANK YOU to Nia and Chandima for collecting clothing and to Kathmandu resident Bimala for donating 10kg of clothes. The villagers were extremely grateful!

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