Mandali Primary School Project


project Description

Mandali School is located in Baluwa Deurali which is a 2-3 hour off-road, hillside drive from Gorkha district. This district is well-known for being the epicenter of the 25.04.2015 earthquake. The school is comprised of two buildings which were both damaged by the earthquake. Recently one was rebuilt and is now used for many purposes: office, classrooms, pre-school. Now the second building is urgently in need of repair. This project was brought to NFN by Ms. Sarah Dickson (U.K.) and Balan RPS (Malaysia). Sarah and Balan first visited the school during their travels and expressed their interest to rebuild the remaining structure. They started a fundraising campaign called Mandali School Project (MPS).

In December they met with Nepali for Nepali to propose the reconstruction project. NFN accepted their proposal which was officiated in an MOU. Sarah will provide all the necessary funds and NFN will provide all technician and technical support. This MPS is estimated to be completed in 3 months and 1 week of operational days. Time was framed by work format; stages of work, location base and public/community involvement.

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