Sample I.B. Construction


Suryadanda Chisapani Village, Kavrepalanchok and Dharagaun, Kavrepalanchok

Nepali for Nepali proposes to construct two sample interlocking block constructions in two villages; Surandanda Chisapani and Dharagaun. These two villages are located 45 minutes (walking) from each other and are close to Hokse Chisapani village where we completed our first waiting hall in the district of Kavrepalanchok.

In November, 2016 Nepali for Nepali completed its pilot project in Hokse Chisapani village. The sample interlocking block construction was built and is now used as a waiting hall by villagers. The building provides a physical example of interlocking block technology for all visitors. This project allowed NFN to not only educate locals on I.B. but also give hands-on training for practical knowledge. Three locals were trained in block production and will continue to work for NFN throughout this proposed project. With a proper team and production site already in place, we plan to continue work from Hokse Chisapani and transport blocks to the new proposed sites.

The waiting halls to be constructed will follow the same prototype of the previously completed building. The hall size will be 12ft. by 22ft. with a height of 11ft. The half-walls will measure 4ft. Each building will require approximately 700 blocks, a metal truss and a tin sheet roof. With block production already underway, we estimate a 3 month timeline for this project.

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