Start a Campaign

Are you planning to come to Nepal but you just can’t find the organization that fits your specialization or passion? Do you want to help Nepalese rebuild but don’t have a clue about construction? Not a problem! We at NFN are committed to helping you maximize your impact on Nepal by letting you decide how to help. There are so many fields to chose from that it can easily overwhelm your will to volunteer. Therefor, before committing to anything, try to answer the following questions:

  1. What is your passion?
  2. What are your specific talents within this field?
  3. How can these be applied to aid in Nepal?

Once you have focused in on your own personal abilities, you can then begin to organize your own campaign. Whether it is in the education, health, human rights, reconstruction field (etc.), NFN will create the avenue for you to impart your knowledge/skills to locals in Nepal. Our aim is to give each individual a hands-on experience, working directly with the people who will most benefit from your support.

Please contact us for any inquiries!